Wind Powered Cargo Ships

Cargo ships have been and are being used to transport the good all around the world. Almost 90 percent of the goods are exchanged at an international level. Our very survival depends on the availability of the goods.
We are very much dependent on the transaction i.e. import and export of goods, not only for the sustenance of economy but also as not everyone is blessed with everything. The main transport system used is of course based on what is common to all of us, that being the waterways. But running these huge massive ships is no easy task and requires enormous amount of fuel. In things case everyday tons of barrels of oil is burnt to keep these ships going. Imagine if someday this huge amount of fuel was suddenly not available to us. The outcome might not be pleasing but it is no far from reality.

This fuel is not only a burden on the natural resources available to us but also has mixed sulphur with it. This sulphur is estimated at this level to produce and pollute the environment with millions of tons of sulphur dioxide in coming years.


The solution can be to reduce this enormous gaseous production out to put a complete end to it. Going along the former lines, the companies in fact tried to reduce the amount of sulphur but this cleaner fuel costs a huge difference of price to the companies running these ships as the fuel used is in million tons. And hence the great men thought of the second option.

We need to completely switch to a fuel that does not involve the use of this oil. Since the humans stepped in the oceans, the sails have been known to them. They were used previously to slay the seas that too utilizing only the wind energy. But the inventions of the steam and the diesel engines gave a new direction to these ships. It became easier to manage, handle and control the ships with this newly available power. But now with the rising cost of the fuel and the rising concern about the harm this is posing to the environment, people are trying to use this wind power again and in a more efficient and effective way.


The idea is to convert the kinetic energy of these winds with the help of sails into mechanical energy and this driving force is used in driving the ships forwards. Earlier the sails were used just to propel the ships forward but now the cargos use these sails in making those head in a particular direction. Many ways of achieving this have been devised.

1. The use of wing sails. This method utilizes the application of huge rectangular wind sails on cylindrical shafts mounted on the deck.    This method basically uses the alignment of the huge solid sails in such a way that it is in accordance with the wind direction which minimizes the fuel usage. Though the results were positive for its testing yet it wasn't in use for commercial purposes.

2. Another method which is becoming increasingly famous is the use of kite sails. This method is becoming far more popular. It uses a huge gigantic kite which is set along the wind direction and drags the cargo with its enormous energy. Computer systems are used to keep the kite in proper direction. This method is being adopted and becoming increasingly popular this does not require much change in the structures of already running ships. Therefore it is much more convenient that any other available option. Moreover, this is a cost effective method and is receiving much appreciation.

3. Flattener rotors usage is another method. This involves mounting a cylindrical moving rotor on the deck which revolves around its axis and produces different speed of the wind that comes on contact of its surface and propels the cargo forward. This is another popular method these days. And it is also cost effective as it does not require much power to revolve.


These methods involving less or zero cost of fuel are becoming popular for the good reasons and do deserve an eye from everyone. It is important to realize that the day is not very far when we will be cringing for the fuels we are now exhausting at an overwhelming rate. Everything needs to be checked and if it hampers the very own existence, it surely deserves to top our priorities.

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