Solar Air Conditioners

Doesn’t matter where a person lives, in the extremes of temperatures it always becomes difficult to survive without an external aid. Thanks to the advancement in the field of technology that we are provided with various options to suit ourselves in environment with extremes of highly variable weather.

Air conditioners are definitely a revolutionary invention in the field of technological advancements. In a tropical country like ours, air conditioners have become an integral part of our lives. Why not so! In conditions that are so harsh that the temperatures sore so high so as to achieve temperatures as high as half a century. Definitely we do not expect human body to cope up with such heat on its own. Here come these life saviors in to play.

When we look upon all the boons that this invention has bestowed upon us we carelessly neglect some extremely harmful short term and long term disadvantages that these have brought along. Apart from the direct load it causes upon our available resources by utilizing huge amount of electricity which is made by burning tons of fossil fuels. It has certain indirect issues like the pollution those burning fossil fuels create, the gases like chlorofluorocarbons and hydro chlorofluorocarbons it produces which act like toxins to the ozone layer. Many of these issues are never referred to while the person sits comfortably in a cozy chair in his room.

But there is always another side. Here we can reduce out on much of our expenditure and still save the environment and also the renewable sources by utilizing the cleaner sources of fuel, in this case we make use of solar energy.


There are various methods of solar air conditioning. This can be done by using passive solar, solar thermal or photovoltaic cells converting solar energy to electrical energy.

1.PHOTOVOLTAIC: Photovoltaic are a preferred method of solar cooling in smaller areas like residents or small commercial areas. This method Is preferred as it is cost effective when compared to the other method of cooling that pour down heavy rates of electric bills on the consumer. Also its size is pretty compatible when compared to other devices for residential based area.  It is one of the most implemented solar air cooling technologies. The main problems being faced include the cost of the system. Even for producing a fairly normal cooling, the photovoltaic system has to generate larger amount of heat which definitely means installing more number of grids, causing a higher amount of expenditure.

2.THERMAL PANELS: The solar air conditioned is designed in such a way that it collects the heat in evacuated tubes solar thermal panels and then transfers it to solar power chillers through antifreeze substance propylene glycol by a carefully designed piping system.
In summer or in winters as the need may be, even at below freezing temperature outside the evacuated tube collectors produce huge amount of heat. This heat is absorbed in the absorption system, and therefore wither reduce or eliminate the operation of cooling or heating system. Hence a situation of solar air conditioning in summer and solar heating in winter occurs.

3.ABSORPTION CHILLER: Absorption chiller air conditioning is not a new concept but has been there in America as early as the earlier 20th century. Absorption chiller ac units are now becoming popular in many Asian countries like in Japan due to higher rate of electricity in these nations. These are unique in the fact that they do not produce any harmful gases or substances like chlorofluorocarbons, hydro chlorofluorocarbons, freons, etc. these provide low cost to operate and high return outputs with high efficiency that to on utilizing the clean sources of fuels. These are a boon to the society by nit only cutting on the cost but also making the environment safer to live in. these consume little or no electricity in running conditions. Some of these do not actually have moving parts at all. The only parts that use any electricity are low amp fan motors, control boards, and small pumps that move the thermal transfer fluid from the collectors to the chiller and then back up to the collectors. There is no compressor that cuts down on the power usage. Today In the business worlds air conditioning is one of the most expensive sectors. And so with increasing working costs of electricity based air conditioners, solar air conditioning has become an attractive option not in commercial use but also in the domestic purposes.

4.PASSIVE AIR COOLING: Passive air cooling solar thermal cooling is not directly used to create cold environment or does not drive any cooling process rather, it works to slow down the heat transfer to the building under conditions of hot external temperatures and improves mechanism of getting rid of the necessary heat.all the mechanism of heat transfer,i.e. heat conduction, heat convection and heat radiation are worked upon to prevent the temperature from rising.
The methods used include elimination using cool roof or green roof so surface temperatures decrease. Also radiation gap or air filled between the two layers of roof again reduces the temperature significantly. Passive solar cooling is much easier to achieve in new construction than by adapting existing buildings.


These solar air cooling systems are becoming increasingly popular and are thus used for cooling purposes in the residents as well as especially on commercial scales. These hold a bright future as we need to mention that these are free, cost effective, efficient, clean and safer technology. It holds great potential and can be looked upto in the future as an alternative source.

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