Solar powered Rain Operated Wiper

Wipers are one of the most important part of cars and it makes driving easier during rainfall and snowfall.We will divide this article in three parts in first part we will see how wiper works, in second part we will discuss about automated wiper and its working, in third part we will see how we can power this wiper using solar energy.

In first case wiper is operated using manual button where driver of the car switch on the wiper button which starts motor of wiper, you can speed up the speed of the wiper by controlling flow of electricity using same button.

In second case, this wiper starts with rain drop sensor which is connected with 4 bit controller which switch on the wiper motor.Moreover, it is same as wiper in first case but with additional units such as controller and sensor. Automatic rain powered wiper consists of conduction sensor (Tough sensor) circuit, Control Unit, wiper motor and glass frame.

Rain Drop Sensor ==> Controller(4-bit microprocessor) ==> Wiper Switch ==> Wiper Motor

In third case, everything would be same except that now when sensor senses the rain and transfer signal to the controller, power would be supplied from the battery connected to solar panel.

What is the need of doing this project?

It will help you to get first hand experience with embedded c programming which is required to program the controller.

The major building blocks of this project are:

1. Regulated Power Supply: It is an embedded circuit; it converts unregulated AC into a constant DC which is required to power this system.

2. Microcontroller: It is a small computer on a single IC. We need to program it such a way that it moves two times before checking for next signal from sensor to continue.Moreover, if wipers stop suddenly than also it is required to reach at its home position. It is one of the most important part of this system and it is the one part which plays part of the brain and replace on/off button of mechanical sprayer.

3. Rain sensor: It works on the concept of Total Internal Reflection where infrared light is beamed at 45 degree as shown in picture below. If this infrared radiation looses its intensity then its send signal to wipers to turn it on. Advantage of using infrared rays is that it can speed up the wiper speed according to the situation because if their is dense rain than intensity of infrared rays reaching to diode becomes weak.

4. comparator

5. wiper motor

6. Solar panel

7. Battery

8. Crystal oscillator

9. LED Indicators

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  1. tell me the connections of this project

  2. explain briefly about the concept....

  3. @Gowtham, it is based on very simple concept where sensor of its system, sense the rain, and inform the micro controller to start the motor connected to wipers.

  4. can you tell me the program for microcontroller

    1. Thanks Akhil for your comment! In this project, we have used various programs such as embedded C, which is used to program microcontroller and Matlab 7.0 's fuzzy logic toolbox is used for calculating rain intensity(low, medium or high rain) with the help of sensor output voltage. Moreover, I have also added two links in helpful resources at the end of article, which would help you in understanding this project better.



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  11. can you tell me the around cost of the project .also is there any condition to use the microcontroller .how did you give the code to the micro controller without the usb port.