Mini Wind Turbine

It is one of the simplest project we have discussed so far in this blog.Moreover you can see below still very useful.It converts kinetic energy from wind to electrical energy.Windmills were used in Persia as early as 200 B.C

How to build this project?

To build this project you will need PVC Pipes, extensions, bladders wires, motor, screws and few other tools for construction.The benefit of PVC Pipes are that wire can be passed from them. So, we can measure current of wind turbine at the other end of wire.

Our main motive in this project is to spin magnetic rover inside the loops of copper wire. To do that we connect our propeller whose rotational force is powered by wind turbine with our motor which consists of both copper wire and magnet. In this process, kinetic energy of wind is first converted into mechanical energy of rotor and then this mechanical energy is converted into electricity using motor.

In our mini project we do not require transformer but in real life situation this motor is connected to step up transformer to improve its efficiency. You can also attach step-up transformer inside this wind turbine.

Required Materials:
Buy Propeller with Spinner from here

Buy Windzilla Motor from Ebay

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