Kinematics System

Kinematics is the branch of mechanical engineering which explains the movements of points, objects and groups of objects without going into details about causes of these motions.

Whats the need of doing this project?
  •  You will learn how to design and construct simple machine.
  • Building this machine will provide us better understanding of how machines work and how we can use them to do simple tasks required by us.
  • Once you understand the basics of motion and how it works, you can build complex machines with embedded C Programming.
How to build this project?
Kinematics in itself is a branch and one of the best example of project residing in this branch is Hexapod( Robot having 6 legs) Robot. In hexapod, we will see motion of points closely and how it helps in robot movement?

Step 1.)To build this robot, first you need to design its model using CAD(Computer Aided Design software).You should give most of your project allocated time in designing phase because it is one of the most important part of this project.

Step 2.) Now when finished designing prepare your model with welding machine, screws, nut drivers, rods and other tools required.

Step 3.) Before, we discuss third step, check motion of your robot when you push it to move forward. If it moves freely with little force required then you are in right direction, if not please take help from your instructor or professional welder to build a piece for you which is perfect in its design.If all is well at this point you need to put motor onto this robot as power source and cycle chain to connect this source to robot legs.

Step 4.) As a motor you can use drilling machine and connect it to the chain, when connected with electricity not only this would work great but you can also control the speed of it.

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