Compressed Air Vehicle

What is Compressed Air Vehicle?
It is a vehicle which is powered by Compressed air, stored in compressor.It is green technology and has been implemented successfully at testing level and at various engineering colleges around the world.

How it works?
Before we start our discussion with compressed-air vehicle (CAV), first you need to know about how petrol engine works? Once you understand petrol engine working you will get an idea about the difference between the two engines and what needs to be done to convert 4 stroke petrol engine into CAV Engine.

In  petrol engines, we mix fuel and air before burning this mixture to produce expanded gases which forces piston to move forward, but in CAV, instead of mixing fuel with air, we use the expansion of compressed air to drive its pistons.

History of these engine
It has been used since the 19th century to power mine locomotives and trams in cities such as Paris and it were also used during the construction of the Gotthard Rail Tunnel and other tunnels of the Gotthardbahn.
In 1903, the Liquid Air Company located in London England manufactured a number of compressed-air and liquified-air cars.

Tata/MDI CAT compressed air car
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