Solar Off Grid System

Oct 5, 2016
With the development of any country one of the biggest focus is on the resources already available and the resources to be made available.
Electricity is becoming the major need of the current world. Not only for the survival of industries and overall growth, it also has its necessity lain in even the very basic of the things.

Solar Powered Trains

Oct 1, 2016
We have been keenly interested in replacing the fuels we use now to greener and cleaner options. The reasons are clear. The world is facing crisis. And we need to create a better and healthy future. It has been a constant effort to cut down on fuel especially in the areas where it requires maximum usage and cannot be necessarily avoided.

Solar Water Filter

Sep 23, 2016
Desalination refers to the process of separating salt from water. Usually it is performed using large desalinators. The technology which is now coming into play is based on utilization of solar energy in desalination process. These are called as the solar desalinating units.

Solar Air Conditioners

Sep 18, 2016
Doesn’t matter where a person lives, in the extremes of temperatures it always becomes difficult to survive without an external aid. Thanks to the advancement in the field of technology that we are provided with various options to suit ourselves in environment with extremes of highly variable weather.

Solar Cars Project

Sep 13, 2016
A solar car as name suggests is a car that is fueled by the solar energy and is usually used for transport purposes. Coming in fascinating range of shapes and sizes, these cars are very much reliable and stable.

Wind Powered Cargo Ships

Sep 8, 2016

Cargo ships have been and are being used to transport the good all around the world. Almost 90 percent of the goods are exchanged at an international level. Our very survival depends on the availability of the goods.

Solar Airplane

Sep 4, 2016
The day is not far when we will run out of non-renewable energy resources which we are now taking for granted. The day might come as early as in 2050. To cut down on these energy resources and provide a bypass to the survival, many new devices and objects are being designed which run on renewable sources of energy.

Wind Powered Vehicle

Aug 3, 2016
Using wind powered vehicles is no new science. Since time immemorial we have been using wind powered vehicles traditionally in seafaring vehicles, even before the steam engine was invented. It can be certainly said that it was a far less cry on the environment than the present day use of fuels is causing.

Solar Cooker

Jul 22, 2016
A solar cooker is the device that consists of panels that work to utilize solar energy and concentrate it to cause heating which can be used for cooking purposes.

Salt Water Osmosis: Will Our Deltas Help Solve the Energy Crisis?

As the planet gradually recognizes the threat of global climate change, innovators and experts in nearly every country are proposing and testing a wide array of renewable energy solutions. One of these options involves the reversed osmosis of salt and chlorine between saltwater and freshwater supplies.