Aug 3, 2016

Wind Powered Vehicle


Using wind powered vehicles is no new science. Since time immemorial we have been using wind powered vehicles traditionally in seafaring vehicles, even before the steam engine was invented. It can be certainly said that it was a far less cry on the environment than the present day use of fuels is causing. Not only that they are consuming the available resources which are not mention in limited quantities but also it poses a great threat to the environment which is being harmed. In olden days, the gusts of winds were used to drive sails of the boats and ships. Still such wind based vehicles are used for mainly leisure activities like sailing boats and ships, yatch-ing, windsurfing etc.

Jul 22, 2016

Solar Cooker

Understanding solar cooker:

A solar cooker is the device that consists of panels that work to utilise solar energy and concentrate it to cause heating which can be used for cooking purposes.
A solar cooker as said consists of panels that attended in such a way so as reflect and concentrate light to a smaller area so that it can be intensified. This is the reflector part. This concentrated light can actually attain temperatures of upto 500°F when used in a well lit place for considerable amount of time. This can be transmitted to some other utensil like a cooking pan.

Salt Water Osmosis: Will Our Deltas Help Solve the Energy Crisis?

Salt Water Osmosis: Will Our Deltas Help Solve the Energy Crisis?
By: Anthony Pannullo


As the planet gradually recognizes the threat of global climate change, innovators and experts in nearly every country are proposing and testing a wide array of renewable energy solutions. One of these options involves the reversed osmosis of salt and chlorine between saltwater and freshwater supplies.  

Mar 20, 2016

Design and Fabrication of Hydraulic Rod Bending Machine

What is it all about?

All hydraulic machines use the system with two or more cylinders connected to a single pipe containing the oil, and the pistons that cause moving of the fluids inside the cylinders. Their work is based on the principles of hydraulics, which practically mean that the greater force should be produced, by introducing less force, in other words the force is multiplied.

Feb 24, 2016

Solar Powered Desalination

A shortage of water is problem that affects many regions in the world. On the other side, there is a huge amount of salty water on our planet. Desalinization is a process through which the salt is removed from the saline water, so it can be used for drinking and other purposes where fresh water is needed.
Process of desalinization consumes certain amount of energy which is currently obtained mostly from the fossil fuels. Solar energy can be used to replace fossil fuels, and make this process less costly and less polluting.

Feb 20, 2016

Solar Powered Smart Irrigation System

What is it about?

This system consists of a water pump and an automatic water flow system, controlled by a moisture sensor. Moisture sensor is used to measure moisture level in the soil and according to the obtained information, water pump is turned on or off. In addition to this, sensors for air humidity and temperature can also be installed. It is all powered by solar cells which are able to turn the energy from solar radiation into electricity.

Feb 18, 2016

Thermoelectric Refrigeration System

What is it all about?

Although thermoelectric (TE) phenomena were discovered more than 150 years ago, thermoelectric devices (TE coolers) have only been applied commercially during recent decades.
The thermoelectric effect is the direct conversion of temperature differences to electric voltage and the opposite. In 1834 Jean Peltier noted that when an electrical current is applied across the junction of two dissimilar metals, heat is removed from one of the metals and transferred to the other. This is the basis of thermoelectric refrigeration.