Sep 23, 2016

Solar Water Filter


Desalination refers to the process of separating salt from water. Usually it is performed using large desalinators. The technology which is now coming into play is based on utilization of solar energy in desalination process. These are called as the solar desalinating units.

Sep 18, 2016

Solar Air Conditioners


Doesn’t matter where a person lives, in the extremes of temperatures it always becomes difficult to survive without an external aid. Thanks to the advancement in the field of technology that we are provided with various options to suit ourselves in environment with extremes of highly variable weather.

Sep 13, 2016

Solar Cars

Knowing solar cars:

A solar car as name suggests is a car that is fueled by the solar energy and is usually used for transport purposes. Coming in fascinating range of shapes and sizes, these cars are very much reliable and stable. The driver needs to keep an eye on the gauges to keep the car in control. But some cars come without gauges and allow the team of the driver to keep control of the capture of solar energy, and energy consumption of the cars. And so the driver can focus on the driving.
People have been building their own solar cars as long back as in 1970s.

The Working:

The solar cars are nit an individual entity but is the embodiment of aerospace, automotive, alternative source of energy. The amount of energy given to the car will decide the design and structure of the car. The cars are build for solar car race purposes and also for commercial use on roads and likewise the design of the car might change. These cars depend on the  energy from the solar arrays and they have photovoltaic cells that convert the solar energy into the electrical energy which is used to run the car.
These photovoltaic cells are first arranged in modules which are again combined together to form huge arrays. These arrays can generate energy of up-to 2 KW. There are various styles of arranging these modules which can be vertical, horizontal, adjustable or many other styles depending on the need and design of the car. These are arranged in such a way so as to minimize the aerodynamic effects and optimize energy for maximum utilization and output.
Basically, this photovoltaic cells consist of semiconductor material like silicon, indium etc. When sunlight falls on these the free electron in these are excited and start flowing freely in a direction creating currents. This is different from other solar energy based devices as this allows direct conversion of the solar energy to electrical energy whereas other devices utilize the concentration ability and thus creating higher temperatures. These thermal energy is then converted into electrical energy for running devices. The most commonly material to be used is seen to be crystalline silicon.
Solar cells have been installed in the headlights as well as on the roofs by different companies differently. Some solar powered cars manufacturers link it with a lithium-ion battery which can produce power and store it within few hours to run up to as longs as 300 km with an average speed of 60mph.


There are various records especially quantified in the guinness book of world records for these solar cars. The current record status has gone as far as up-to 91 km/h.


There are some major challenges being faced by this marvelous piece of development. The solar cells range from $10-$400. The more expensive they get, the better they function. A solar car might cost up-to $20,000 which does not sound like a feasible pice. Many solar car races have been going on since 1980s but practically these cars are not so much seen on roads. The design needs to be a combination of efficiently packed cells creating more and more current and reaching greater speeds and feasibility so as to make these cars possibly run on road and along with reducing resistance using aerodynamics in accordance to increase the efficiency. Solar power achieves an efficiency of about 90% when compared to the 15% efficiency of the gasoline engine in converting the available energy from resource to actual power of the car as seen on road. All this fuel thrift doesn't translate to desirable aesthetics, however.
Another problem to be resolved is that on rainy days and at night when solar energy is not available, the energy from battery is used but it should also have a reserve for secondary fuel source in case battery runs out.
Therefore it would not be wrong to say that solar cars in someway have to face certain challenges at hand and have to come over the short comings but definitely is viewed as the very much possible intervention in near future in the field of technology.

Sep 8, 2016




Cargo ships have been and are being used to transport the good all around the world. Almost 90 percent of the goods are exchanged at an international level. Our very survival depends on the availability of the goods. We are very much dependent on the transaction i.e. import and export of goods, not only for the sustenance of economy but also as not everyone is blessed with everything. The main transport system used is of course based on what is common to all of us, that being the waterways. But running these huge massive ships is no easy task and requires enormous amount of fuel. In things case everyday tons of barrels of oil is burnt to keep these ships going. Imagine if someday this huge amount of fuel was suddenly not available to us. The outcome might not be pleasing but it is no far from reality.

Sep 4, 2016

Solar Airplane


The day is not far when we will run out of non-renewable energy resources which we are now taking for granted. The day might come as early as in 2050. To cut down on these energy resources and provide a bypass to the survival, many new devices and objects are being designed which run on renewable sources of energy. One such project is solar aircrafts. As difficult as it may sound, it is uneasy to believe that such an aircraft has been made by the scientists that run on the fuel by the solar energy available to us in plenty. Imagine the world if we could produce such planes on commercial scale for commercial purposes, It would reduce the cost of the fuel that is spent each year on traveling and flying by several million dollars which will be a great boost to the economy.

Aug 3, 2016

Wind Powered Vehicle


Using wind powered vehicles is no new science. Since time immemorial we have been using wind powered vehicles traditionally in seafaring vehicles, even before the steam engine was invented. It can be certainly said that it was a far less cry on the environment than the present day use of fuels is causing. Not only that they are consuming the available resources which are not mention in limited quantities but also it poses a great threat to the environment which is being harmed. In olden days, the gusts of winds were used to drive sails of the boats and ships. Still such wind based vehicles are used for mainly leisure activities like sailing boats and ships, yatch-ing, windsurfing etc.

Jul 22, 2016

Solar Cooker

Understanding solar cooker:

A solar cooker is the device that consists of panels that work to utilise solar energy and concentrate it to cause heating which can be used for cooking purposes.
A solar cooker as said consists of panels that attended in such a way so as reflect and concentrate light to a smaller area so that it can be intensified. This is the reflector part. This concentrated light can actually attain temperatures of upto 500°F when used in a well lit place for considerable amount of time. This can be transmitted to some other utensil like a cooking pan.